Monday, April 27, 2009

Trial Run with the New Nikon D60

Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge!
This picture was taken while driving down the road. Click on it to see hundreds of geese.

This also was taken while driving. I liked the looks of this little market.

This is a tunnel we drove through.

This was shot through the window of the truck at 60 mph.

This little "camp robber" was always nearby.

This was supposed to be a picture of the blue jay. But the bird got blurred out and the pine needles were so crisp it turned out quite interesting.

This is a tree top filled with little birds.

A morning shot of O'Dell Lake.

Robin on a snag. Testing the zoom.

Another nice shot of the lake.

Our "friend" again.

Jazzy and Friday.

A zoom shot of a little bird. I was very pleased with this because the bird was so far away.

The Snow Queen

So thoughtful.

Jazzy and Friday in their Cabela's coats.

Sunrise on the lake.

This was taken from the truck going 65 mph on the freeway. Not bad!

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  1. Looks like you are having fun with your new camera too! The pictures are wonderful.. I enlarged and looked at most of them in their big state! I think you have a winner there! That morning shot of the lake is just awesome!
    AND you must like birds too..they are a real challenge to photograph..little fast I think you did great!
    Emma Rose looks so pretty and clean, Chance needs a bath..but it is rainy and cold now.. it can wait for a warm day:)


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