Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Forest Findings

While working out back I noticed all kinds of different things growing on the dead tree limbs that we were stacking in piles. The more I looked, the more interesting it became to see how many variations I could find. I have no idea what any of them are - except the second photo is your basic moss, I think. You need to click on the pictures to really see the textures and colors. They are all softer than they look. the first one is very delicate. Can you identify any of them? It would be fun to know what they are!

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The Duchess

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  1. Well your second photo is a moss! The rest I think are all different forms of Lichens that grow naturally on trees. They are beautiful, and much prettier than our Minnesota Lichens, but maybe I only look at Oaks cause that what we have the most of. I will have too look around in the other woods more. Whatcha goonna do with all those Lichens..do they shrivel up..I usually only see ours on bark and it is impossible to get much off..but you have actual usable pieces..which look really cool..have you tried painting any? Great photos! :)


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