Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Mystery Tree

Every year at Lake Roosevelt I tell my husband I want one of these trees. I don't know what they are but they are hardy. Summers temperatures average 100 degrees and the winters are harsh with many feet of snow. The trees are beautiful.

They have tiny leaves. I imagine they make a good mess in the fall.

This year we noticed the pods for the first time. Most of them were green.

However, we found a few that had dried and turned brown. So we picked them and stripped the seeds from them.

The problem now is - How to get the seeds to grow a tree! We have twenty seeds. They look similar to a watermelon seed but they are brown. Very smooth and the sizes vary.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! I have never grown a tree from a seed before and don't even know if it is possible :)
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  1. Well it is a Honeylocust..it is a Gleditsia triacanthos. Did it have spines or thorns? those spines used to be used as pins.
    You can certainly give it a whirl. I would plant some outside in an area where you can keep an eye on them..mark the area you plant them with a stick or some kind of a marker. OR Plant several seeds exactly where you want them to grow forever and hope that one seed grows.
    Were there any little seedlings in the area that the tree was growing..?? Wild animals love those seed pods..they are sweet..like candy.
    I would scratch up the seed with an emery board or a piece of sandpaper before I planted it..just scratch the seed lightly till you get through the tough outer layer..then plant and wait..:)

  2. Thank you Far Side! I believe this is the thornless variety. After you gave me the name I looked it up on the web. I think we will scratch up the seeds and give it a try. Tonight I found the perfect place for a fast growing tree. There were no seedlings that we saw, but the grounds were pretty well manicured so they probably pulled them up. I'll let you know if we grow a tree!


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